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BUS 475 Quiz 6

This quiz consist of 30 multiple choice questions. The first 15 questions cover the material in Chapter 10. The second 15 questions cover the material in Chapter 11.

The Carbon Disclosure Project found that:
Which of the following is an example of industrial ecology in practice?
Which of the following countries has not ratified the Kyoto Protocol?
A thin layer of gas that protects the earth from excessive ultraviolet radiation from the sun is:
Scientists believe that if the Montreal Protocol is honored the ozone layer will recover by:
Depletion of the ozone layer, destruction of the rain forests, and species extinctions all have an impact on:
By promoting the use of clean cookstoves in developing nations, a global alliance hopes to reduce:
A shared resource, such as land, air, or water, that a group of people uses collectively is a(n):
The commitments of the Convention on Biological Diversity include:
Which of the following is an example of a nonrenewable resource?
The idea that companies have a continuing responsibility for the environmental impact of their products or services, even after they are sold is called:
The Sustainability Consortium organized to advance life-cycle analysis for thousands of products includes all of the following companies except:
This company called its plan to tackle climate change “Plan A” because there is no “Plan B”:
Rapid economic development is often accompanied by:
The most successful global businesses in coming years will be those companies that:
Which of the following is true about the Toxic Substances Control Act?
When businesses form voluntary, collaborative partnerships with environmental organizations and regulators to achieve specific objectives this is called:
Companies that reduce pollution and hazardous waste, reuse or recycle materials, and operate with greater energy efficiency achieve a competitive advantage due to:
Which of the following is indicative of a firm in the pollution prevention stage of the corporate environmental responsibility model?
Which of the following is not true about the guidelines for sentencing environmental wrongdoers set by the U.S. Sentencing Commission?
Being able to continue their activities indefinitely, without altering the carrying capacity of the earth’s ecosystem, is a characteristic of:
Some researchers believe that business firms moving towards ecological sustainability results in:
In 2011 how many of the world’s top 250 companies issued an integrated sustainability report?
Which country has made the greatest progress in reducing its solid waste stream?
When companies develop a reputation for environmental excellence, and they produce and deliver products and services designed to attract environmentally aware customers, this is called:
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was created:
Which of the following is the most advanced stage of corporate environmental responsibility?
When environmentally proactive companies seek out imaginative, innovative new methods for reducing pollution and increasing efficiency, they are adopting which strategy?
Hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” has the following benefit:
Environmental justice is a movement to:

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